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Client Services

DLL Insurance Agency provides a wide array of safety-related services to a variety of industries throughout California. We focus on our clients’ needs with services that will help them minimize injuries and reduce claim frequency.

Our primary goal is to assist our clients in protecting the health and safety of their employees. We help our clients meet compliance requirements by providing safety consulting services.

Our consultants have years of experience in the safety industry. We focus on helping our clients build safety programs, and putting in place safety processes and procedures that can reduce injuries by focusing on prevention and safety techniques. We offer our clients a cost effective means to comply with all aspects of safety, from a comprehensive safety program to an OSHA-required training course.

DLL Insurance Agency sets up our clients with a risk assessment audit. Once the risk assessment audit is complete, we provide our clients a “game plan” which includes recommendations aimed at preventing future accidents.

Additionally we offer a whole array of occupational safety training programs including OSHA contestation of citations.

Think of us as your loss control partners. We have the resources and experience to help your industry prevent or minimize the impact of unplanned, unwanted events that can adversely affect your bottom line.

Whether you are a company with just a few employees or a large corporation with hundreds of employees and multiple locations – we can help.

Risk Management

Please check back – additional information coming soon.
Please check back – additional information coming soon.

Human Resource Consulting

We at DLL Insurance Agency are dedicated to offering Human Resource services to any size company. For those small to mid-sized companies with little or no in-house Human Resource expertise, we offer assistance on an as-needed or on-call basis and/or via regularly scheduled on and off-site arrangements.

For companies with a fully staffed and functional Human Resource department, we offer a second set of eyes, or a helping hand with services such as training and development, as well as Human Resource audits. Wherever your company falls in these three categories, we at DLL Insurance Agency are here to help.

Training & Development

DLL Insurance Agency offers professional training and development services, designed to aid in the development of your supervisory employees. We offer your company the opportunity to provide your employees, at all levels, with a wide array of specialized training. Our training and development services will help you to enhance your workforce while meeting your commitment to their future within your organization. In addition, developing supervisory, team building and leadership skills will ensure that employees are working together in a common direction to achieve your company’s goals. Our training sessions are fully customizable to meet your company’s needs. We can deliver stand-alone courses, as well as develop continuous training programs for your supervisory staff. Whether you are an experienced manager or someone newly promoted to a supervisory role, our training programs are designed to help you succeed.

Human Resource Audits

DLL Insurance Agency can assist you in auditing your company’s Human Resource functions. We can audit your Human Resource systems and processes to help you take stock of your company’s Human Resource function, identify best practices and make recommendations as you head into the future. These are some of the items covered in our Human Resource Function Audits:

  • Human Resource Basics
  • Strategic Human Resource
  • Sources of Data
  • Recruitment
  • Hiring & Termination Practices
  • Personnel Files
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Workforce Review
  • Employee Relations

We prepare a report that identifies whether your company’s systems are in compliance with current state, local and federal regulations and whether the company’s internal processes include practices that minimize legal liability.