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Client Services

DLL Insurance Agency offers professional training and development services, designed to aid in the development of your supervisory employees.

FLC Licensing & Registration

At DLL Insurance Agency, we are a recognized leader in the Farm Labor Contracting Industry and are here to assist farm labor contractors with their licensing and registration needs.

Whether you are renewing your license or applying for the first time, our bilingual licensing specialists will guide you through the process with ease. We also offer a DLSE approved, 9-hour continuing education class that fulfills the licensing requirement. For more information on FLC Licensing & Registration, visit our dedicated FLC website at

Human Resources Consulting

At DLL Insurance Agency, we offer HR consulting services to companies of all sizes. For small to mid-size businesses that have little to no in-house HR, we provide our clients human resources assistance over the phone or in person as needed.

For larger companies with a dedicated HR department, we offer assistance with training, development, and HR audits.

  • HR Basics
  • Strategies of HR
  • Sources of Data
  • Recruitment
  • Hiring & Termination Practices
  • Personnel Files
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Workforce Review
  • Employee Relations
  • Regulations Report
  • Recommendations to Minimize Liability

Leadership Development

Every successful business has strong leaders running it, and here at DLL Insurance Agency we understand the importance of having good leaders.

We have found that a leader’s success often depends on the situation they are put in. As a result, we will analyze your company and customize our leadership development program in order to transform your employees into the leaders that fit the needs of your business.

Employee Training

The training and development of employees is an important part of any business, and it shows a commitment to both the futures of its employees and the future of the organization.

At DLL Insurance Agency, we offer professional training and development services to all of our clients – no matter the size of the company.

From single sessions to continuous training, we have a wide variety of customizable programs, including:

  • Team Building
  • Leadership Skills
  • Supervisory Skills
  • Specialized Employee Training
  • Tractor & Forklift Training and Certification
  • Strategies for Effective Supervisors

Regulatory & Compliance Support

Businesses in any industry are forced to deal with continually changing laws and regulations, which can be difficult to keep up with.

Our experts at DLL Insurance Agency are here to provide support, and help you understand the regulations that effect your business.

We offer cost-effective means to comply with these regulations through our programs, including:

  • Safety compliance audits
  • Workplace investigation
  • Cal OSHA Appeals

Risk Management & Loss Control

Here at DLL Insurance Agency, we value the success of our clients.

By understanding their needs, we provide services that minimize injuries and reduce claim frequency – no matter the size of their company. Our risk management and loss control services include a wide array of safety-related programs, and our experience in the industry allows us to provide the best possible service to our clients. In order to provide superior risk management services, we first take the time to understand our clients, and then customize their safety solutions to help reduce their risk exposure and lower their insurance costs.

A few of the programs we offer include:

  • Occupational safety training
  • Risk Assessment Audit (with recommendations on how to prevent future accidents)
  • Comprehensive safety program
  • OSHA-required training course
  • OSHA contestation of citations
  • Facilitate carrier loss control assessments
  • Corrective action consultations

Protection. Training. Support.

We go above and beyond with our service to make sure that our clients are successful in areas beyond their insurance coverage. Click here to learn more.